Cyberwrite and HSB have partnered to provide best-of-breed cyber insurance and technology

In recent years, cyberattacks have changed the way businesses do business. Many business owners have suffered major losses due to ransomware, financial theft and downtime of systems. This has created the need for every business to have a cyber insurance policy – especially SMBs.

However, Cyberwrite recognizes that small and mid-sized businesses often don’t have the budgets or capabilities to protect themselves from cyber attacks. Our technology enables SMBs to benefit from capabilities which are normally only available for large corporates in order to get the cyber insurance and security they need.

The HSB policy offered by Cyberwrite:

  • Data compromise response expenses
  • Data compromise liability
  • Identity recovery
  • Computer attack including business interruption
  • Misdirected payment fraud
  • Computer fraud
  • Cyber extortion
  • Network security liability
  • Electronic media liability

Cyberwrite Insureds get access to unparalleled ongoing risk-reduction technology

Cyber Security Intelligence and Discovery

Attacker point of view discovery and risk analysis to uncover vulnerabilities and blind spots: attack surface, digital exposure analysis, dark web incidents including employee passwords and emails, network vulnerabilities combined with NIST severities and actionable recommendations for improvement of security posture.

Estimated Economic Impact Analysis

Each insured gets an analysis of the potential financial impact should a cyber attack occur. The analysis is driven by past events that happened to industry peers as well as the specific business information, potential financial fines, cost of legal and technical services to restore business operations, and the costs of ransomware and financial fraud.

Improvement Recommendations Risk Portal

A list of recommendations for improvement is provided for risk mitigation purposes as well as access to a dedicated risk portal. Cyberwrite also offers access to a cyber health officer to support and walk you through the cyber risk report findings.

Ongoing Monitoring and Alerts for Each Insured

Companies that buy the insurance policy through Cyberwrite get a complimentary ongoing monitoring and alerts service so they can reduce the risk of a breach and a claim. Companies that suffer a breach see a surge in policy pricing and monitoring is key for that purpose.