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Prioritise vendor cyber risk using Cyberwrite Prioritise

Cyberwrite's Prioritise is integrating the award-winning cyber profiling technology and used by insurance companies worldwide - is now available to enterprises and businesses worldwide for vendor cyber-risk profiling to enable agile and effective vendor cyber-risk profiling and compliance.

Profile a Portfolio of Vendors

Profile the cyber risk of thousands of vendors in less than a day

Vendor Cyber-Risk Prioritisation

Prioritise vendors based on a proven advanced statistical analysis

Vendor Cyber-Risk Financial Impact Assessment

Assess the potential financial damages your vendors may cause to your business

Vendor Cyber-Risk Aggregation Analysis

Discover vendor risk aggregation to make sure your business is safe

Management Reporting Dashboard

Report to management using an easy to understand dashboard

Ongoing Profiling - Stay Compliant

Monitor vendors ongoingly based on your regulatory requirements

Use Cases


Vendor Risk Prioritisation

A corporate has thousands of vendors. Some critical – some are not. The risk manager does not have resources to manage the risk of all vendors. Cyberwrite identifies and prioritize vendors’ cyber-risk levels and provide the risk manager with a data-driven statistical analysis of the organization’s cyber risk exposure due to vendors business engagement. 

  • The user is providing Cyberwrite with the following four basic parameters: vendor name, website, industry, and sector.
  • Cyberwrite provides the cyber profiling of each vendor and a prioritized actionable recommendation for vendor groups. 
  • The customer is able to focus its resources on a high level and high impact vendors in order to mitigate risks in a cost-effective manner. 
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Regulatory Compliance (GDPR)

A risk manager is in need to identify the aggregated risks of a portfolio of suppliers and wishes to do so in a cost-effective manner and report results to management.

  • Cyberwrite profiles a list of companies provided by the customer.
  • The aggregated risk dashboard presents the customers with risk aggregation levels so that the CISO or CRO can have the data in order to prioritize and mitigate risks posed by vendors. 
  • Compliance and best practice level is achieved by remaining in due-care regarding vendor risk identification and mitigation using the Cyberwrite solution. 
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